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DDG     (Drilling Dynamics Geomechanics)


We developed DDG to maximize ultimate recovery and minimize risks of wellbore integrity, casing deformation, induced seismicity, and environmental hazards. To ensure safe and cost-effective drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations, knowledge of the subsurface geomechanical characteristics is essential. The currently available methodologies for geomechanical modeling are heavily dependent on well logs which are not always available at the quantity and quality required for geomechanics.

The Drillbit is the first logging tool to touch the rock formation generating a large volume of rich dataset. Using robust interpretation schemes, these data can be used to evaluate the geomechanical characteristics of the formations. TEVERRA’s Drilling Dynamics Geomechanics (DDG) technology solves this problem. Its architecture processes complex drilling dynamics data and extracts valuable geomechanical characteristics It enables high-resolution geomechanical modeling and wellbore stability analysis for entire well length without requiring any logs. DDG has been successfully tested in several onshore and offshore locations around the world.

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