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TEVERRA Awarded DoD Contract to Pioneer Geothermal Energy Development at Ft Wainwright Alaska

Teverra LLC, the Atlanta-based clean energy company, announces the award of a contract from the Defense Innovation Unit, part of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), for a groundbreaking geothermal development project at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. This contract, to pioneer geothermal energy advancements for Fort Wainwright, underscores the company’s commitment to advancing innovation in the energy sector and dedication to contributing to national security while promoting sustainable and resilient energy solutions.

As a trusted leader in the energy industry, Teverra (formerly Petrolern) has been selected by the DoD to provide an Integrated Project Development System for Fort Wainwright that will transform geothermal energy exploration, resource delineation, and production optimization through the use of their innovative methodologies and technology suite. Teverra’s state-of-the-art solutions harness the power of their technology suite to provide advanced thermal assessment capabilities, 1-D to 3-D geomechanical modeling, detailed reservoir monitoring, and high-resolution, fully coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling.

The key benefits of Teverra’s Integrated Project Development System include:

1. Resource Maximization: Utilizing Teverra’s advanced data processing capabilities, the DoD will gain the ability to maximize energy resources at Fort Wainwright, ensuring an efficient and resilient energy supply.

2. Enhanced Geothermal Production: Teverra’s enabling technologies for geomechanical characterization significantly improve drilling performance and optimize completion designs, resulting in significant increases in geothermal production for a given well.

3. National Security: By reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and enhancing energy security, this project aligns with the DoD's mission of safeguarding the nation's interests.

4. Sustainability: Teverra is committed to environmental sustainability. Teverra’s goal is to understand and maximize geothermal resources, aligning with the DoD's objectives of reducing its carbon footprint and providing base resiliency.

5. Cutting-Edge Innovation: This partnership with the DoD highlights Teverra's position as a technology development pioneer for the energy industry and DoD’s commitment to advance and utilize geothermal energy for long-term infrastructure reliability.

Hamed Soroush, Teverra’s CEO, expressed immense pride in this achievement, saying, “We are honored to collaborate with the Department of Defense on this groundbreaking project. Our Integrated Project Development System highlights the potential of clean energy and innovation in bolstering national security. This contract marks a significant milestone for Teverra and reaffirms our commitment to advancing clean, sustainable energy solutions. We are excited to

work closely with the Department of Defense to enhance energy resilience and security at Fort Wainwright and beyond.”

About Teverra

Teverra is a leading-edge technology and consulting company working on integrated project development and subsurface solutions for geothermal, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage), hydrocarbons, and long-duration energy storage. We conduct innovative R&D and execute global projects to increase our client’s profitability while minimizing their environmental footprint. Our green energy initiative begins with supporting the evolution of the CCUS and geothermal markets and helping oil and gas operators reduce their environmental footprint by providing energy transition solutions. Our core competencies include resource assessment, geomechanics, rock physics, fluid mechanics, reservoir engineering, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, and software development. We apply these skills to optimize drilling, completion, stimulation, and production, plus provide high-resolution subsurface monitoring for superior reservoir management.

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