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Emilie Gentry, MSc

Senior Geothermal Geoscientist

Emilie Gentry, Senior Geothermal Geoscientist with TEVERRA providing geological mapping, resource assessment, and geothermal conceptual model development. Her technical expertise is structural and subsurface geology with experience in geologic research and oil and gas development, exploration, reservoir characterization, and regulatory affairs management.

Emilie uses her knowledge in faults and structural geology and her experience in oil and gas to address major challenges in the geothermal industry and bring opportunity to the larger energy industry. She earned her B.Sc. in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin and her M.Sc. in Geology at the Colorado School of Mines. Emilie is an active member of Women In Geothermal (WING) and was part of the WING Future Leaders Cohort.

Emilie Gentry, MSc
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