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Martin Lacasse, PhD

Technology Commercialization

Dr. Martin-Daniel Lacasse is a Research Faculty at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and serves as the Associate Director of the Internship Network in the Mathematical Sciences program (INMAS), following his passion for mentoring and developing talents in the STEM fields.

Before that, Martin had a successful career at the Corporate Strategic Research Laboratory (CSR) of ExxonMobil where he spent more than a quarter-century working on industrial physical and geophysical problems such as emulsion and polymer science, induced seismicity, and full-wavefield inversion (FWI). Martin is recognized for spearheading the development and deployment of FWI in the Corporation. At the end of his career at CSR as a Distinguished Research Associate, he was managing all leveraging activities related to geological carbon sequestration in XOM-funded Energy Centers in top universities and national labs, and advising on all research programs in the physical and mathematical sciences in the fundamental research lab of ExxonMobil.

Lacasse received a Ph.D. in Physics from McGill University in 1994, after which he was at Princeton University for a joint industrial post-doctoral research fellowship.

Competence Areas: Computational Seismology and Inverse Problems, Induced Seismicity, Energy Systems, Geological Carbon Sequestration, Leveraging, Technology Development and Transfer

Martin Lacasse, PhD
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