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Net-zero carbon is not a dream

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Our solutions evaluate viability of permanent CO2 storage by understanding the direct correlation with the reservoir integrity and how it evolves in addition to identifying and mitigating possible risks.

Converting Earth to a safe and permanent storage for CO2

Enabling real-time monitoring and visualization of CO2 plume is our focus

Our advanced signal processing and artificial intelligent capabilities enable smart and timely decision making which is the  key in safe CO2 sequestration process

We are developing an award-winning and intuitive platform for subsurface visualization

The key to the effective injection of CO2 into the subsurface formations, including depleted oil and gas reservoirs for EOR, is a detailed characterization of the formation properties, in-situ stresses, natural fractures network, seal capacity of cap rock, and formation pressure. This is our expertise at TEVERRA.

Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting (MVA) to confirm permanent storage of CO2 in geological formations is a significant cost component of any carbon storage campaign and necessary for its success. TEVERRA is researching automated and low-cost MVA solutions to advance carbon storage toward commercialization by providing a reliable and real-time control option over the reservoir and reducing the associated costs.

Successful storage of CO2 in geological formations relies on accurate knowledge of the subsurface state of stress and its evolution during and after injection to guarantee safe and permanent storage of CO2. Cost effective but accurate estimation of in-situ stresses independent from scarcely available logs is a true gamechanger for geomechanical modeling for not only carbon storage but also oil and gas and geothermal applications.

Our data compression technology (CompressDeck)

Our subsurface visualization software (GeoDeck)

Our real-time data processing and plume monitoring technology (CarbonWatch)

Read our article about real-time subsurface monitoring and visualization.

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