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Over the past two decades, there has been significant advances in sensing technologies and data acquisition systems. These datasets require swift, automated and affordable interpretation and storage to enable both real-time decision-making and post-analysis. However, the conventional data analysis and interpretation mechanisms are often rudimentary, requiring significant time to transmit the high-resolution data to the cloud, and the processing needs significant human intervention.

Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting (MVA) to confirm permanent storage of CO2 in geological formations is a significant cost component of any carbon storage campaign and indeed, necessary for its success. Automated and low-cost MVA solutions can advance Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) towards commercialization by providing a reliable and real-time control option over the reservoir as well as reducing the associated costs. Such solutions should address the data management bottlenecks available today including insufficient bandwidth, inadequate storage, and limited connectivity. A key solution to overcome these challenges is to reduce the volume of the recorded data streamed on site with CompressDeck.

carbon storage, geothermal, energy
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