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ConvertDeck analyzes the geothermal production for both electricity and direct-use (heating/cooling) opportunities while also examining the local utilization market potential. The tool can be used in two ways. It can identify wells that will achieve pre-determined financial requirements given the input data, or it can identify potential use case scenarios and then estimate the economic value of the different scenarios. This decreases evaluation time by combining expert analysis from multiple disciplines into one intuitive platform. Decreasing evaluation time produces faster and more cost-effective analysis.

ConvertDeck Benefits:

  • Reduces the hydrocarbon-to-geothermal well conversion evaluation study time 

  • Increases well conversion profitability by increasing the understanding of the opportunity 

  • Contains over 100 unique parameters to calculate an accurate estimate of the geothermal economic potential

  • De-risks conversion project by identifying the most profitable projects

  • Designed for quick repeat screening to analyze multiple end use scenarios

  • Prevents overly conservative valuations

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