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Our GeoDeck software  eliminates or minimizes the rigorous setup, the time and cost, and the complexity faced when visualizing geologic subsurface data. GeoDeck makes the visualization process more productive, scalable, and accessible to a wider range of audiences. The software is designed and customized for people who do not necessarily have the time or skill to use conventional software. It extracts insights from physics-based analytical workflows which are notoriously time-consuming and complicated. To offer maximum simplicity and accessibility, GeoDeck uses the web, i.e., it is available as a regular website that users can load in their browsers.

Geothermal software

Application Programming Interface (API) exposed in the browser environments is employed to create a fast and seamless user experience on the web with modern graphics. Moreover, since subsurface data are often too large to be handled by browsers (or even user’s machines), GeoDeck intelligently and dynamically loads the current data to be viewed. We believe that style and simplicity matter. GeoDeck lets users seamlessly perform uncertainty studies on static and dynamic subsurface properties under different operational or computational scenarios through its smart sampling mechanism. Users are usually one click away from generating the graphs needed such as heat maps, iso-surfaces, scatterplots, statistics, etc., for presentations and reports.

Finally, GeoDeck has a long term vision for data visualization made through ever-increasing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies such as Oculus, Google VR, and other popular AR/VR headsets. At TEVERRA, we believe the ultimate immersive experience is only possible through VR and AR, and our software is designed to accommodate future extended reality (XR) integration on the web.

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