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We believe geothermal is part of the foundation for a sustainable clean energy future.

Geothermal softeare
  • De-risking exploration

  • Prolonging asset life and resource production

  • Optimizing asset profitability and revenue generation

  • Developing innovative power systems

  • Opening new markets and novel subsurface use cases

Geothermal softeare

Geothermal Resource Exploration and Well Planning

Geothermal play fairway analysis identifies high priority geothermal exploration targets, which TEVERRA uses to develop a detailed exploration plan with data collection campaigns, geothermal market analysis, and thermal gradient exploration drilling. Detailed data collection culminates in a field scale geothermal system conceptual model that leads to the development of a preliminary numerical model and production well targeting.

Geothermal Reserves Calculation and Power System Design

Once a project is at the production well drilling stage, the TEVERRA team provides well placement and well design, and after drilling, production test analysis and refinement of the geothermal system numerical and conceptual model. At this stage, final reserves calculations are made utilizing production test data and the geothermal system development goes to the power systems design phase.

TEVERRA offers a holistic geothermal energy characterization and utilization resource, from greenfield exploration and geothermal system conceptual and numerical modeling, through to reserves calculation and power system design.

TEVERRA has experience in each development phase across:



Sedimentary basin geothermal exploration,  and

Low, medium, and high temperature resources worldwide.

TEVERRA has experience collating diverse datasets to perform geothermal play fairway analysis as the first step in an exploration and development plan. Extensive experience with global datasets at the regional and development field scale gives TEVERRA the unique capabilities to recognize geologic differences and adapt processing workflows during these early stages of exploration.

Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) development capabilities

Maximizing heat production, optimizing EGS development design, and predicting reservoir performance are solutions we offer for EGS development


TEVERRA is the industry leader in developing field-scale 4D Coupled Hydro-thermo-mechanical models for geothermal projects to optimize EGS design, predict reservoir performance, and maximize heat production. These models accurately couple subsurface in-situ stresses and rock properties with temperature and fluid flow regimes in complex geometries by utilizing high performance computing and reduced-order modeling.

Oil and gas wells to geothermal conversion capabilities

TEVERRA has developed a well screening tool specifically for selecting the appropriate petroleum wells to convert to geothermal electricity or heat. ConvertDeck  takes input data associated with well design, reservoir properties, historical production, existing infrastructure, financial metrics, and more, and quantifies the potential power production and calculates cost and economic value of the geothermal resource.

ConvertDeck analyzes the geothermal production for both electricity and direct-use (heating/cooling) opportunities while also examining the local utilization market potential. The tool can be used in two ways. It can identify wells that will achieve pre-determined financial requirements given the input data, or it can identify potential use case scenarios and then estimate the economic value of the different scenarios. This decreases evaluation time by combining expert analysis from multiple disciplines into one intuitive platform. Decreasing evaluation time produces faster and more cost-effective analysis.

ConvertDeck™ Benefits:

​​Reduces the hydrocarbon-to-geothermal well conversion evaluation study time

Increases well conversion profitability by increasing the understanding of the opportunity

Contains over 100 unique parameters to calculate an accurate estimate of the geothermal economic potential

De-risks conversion project by identifying the most profitable projects

Designed for quick repeat screening to analyze multiple end use scenarios

Prevents overly conservative valuations

Geothermal softeare
Geothermal softeare

Offshore geothermal capabilities

We are on the cutting edge of research as the geothermal market continues to expand.


Offshore hydrocarbons are the lowest carbon intensity hydrocarbons produced worldwide. As such, continued offshore production should continue as part of a net-zero energy company strategy and further opportunities to decarbonize offshore hydrocarbon production should be continually examined. One such opportunity is offshore geothermal energy production that can be co-located with existing hydrocarbon production. Offshore platforms can be assets that provide petroleum companies an opportunity to decrease the cost of decarbonization efforts by using this existing infrastructure for geothermal energy production. Drilling geothermal wells from existing platforms re-utilizes the existing platform and then could optimize wells to be more productive. TEVERRA has experience performing offshore resource assessments and designing innovative powerplant systems that optimize power production offshore. We have performed such assessments in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, West Africa, and the MENA region.

Power Systems Advisement

TEVERRA partners with leading geothermal experts to design fit-for-purpose power systems from modular, kW scale power generation up to MW power plant design. We have experience designing both electrical power production and direct-use heat utilization systems. In a power systems advisory role, we analyze all potential power systems and use cases, meaning we are conversion technology agnostic and can provide the best system for the associated geothermal resource. Our team includes creative thinkers that provide unique solutions that optimize power utilization and minimize utilization cost.

Geothermal softeare

Geothermal Mentorship and Training

Knowledge transfer is a core tenant to our business mission and training workshops were the original product offerings of TEVERRA. TEVERRA shares geothermal expertise through training and mentorship, offered as individual classes or as a component of larger projects. Knowledge transfer is a suggested component with our geothermal projects to enhance competency for oil companies. Through this, we aim to equip our clients for future geothermal exploration and production.

Geothermal exploration is similar to hydrocarbon exploration in many ways; although there are important and significant differences that have to be learned. The TEVERRA geothermal team has developed 1-day to 5-day short courses on geothermal basics, geothermal exploration, and power systems design. These courses have been taught to all experience levels including industry professionals, government personnel, students, and educators. These courses were developed and based on decades of academic research, industry experience, and teaching expertise.

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