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Geothermal Energy Solutions and Department of Energy
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Leveraging digital innovation is at the heart of our processes and drives greater customer value

At TEVERRA, we care about amplifying the value of our customers’ resources and adapting to their evolving needs. Almost every product we are developing has a digital component built with the synergetic collaboration between our data scientists, software engineers, and subsurface experts. We deliver solutions to optimize drilling, completion, stimulation, and production operations through automatic extraction and interpretation of information embedded in noisy fields data from various sources. Our solutions include workflows, methodologies, software packages, and web applications, that leverage advanced signal processing, machine learning tools, and cloud computing technologies. We integrate physics modelling and data-driven approaches to provide informed and accurate decisions in different subsurface operational problems: 


  • Big data compression and transmission

  • Real-time subsurface monitoring and visualization

  • Geomechanics characterization using drilling dynamics data

  • Real-time rock physical modeling using seismic and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) data

  • Naturally fractured zone identification

  • Lost circulation forecasting and mitigation

  • Tip screen-out prediction

  • Anomaly detection and risk identification


At TEVERRA, we continue to work on and launch new digital functionalities and customized products to fit our customers’ needs. We are first adopters of new scientific findings and this drives many of our technological advances.

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