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Unlocking locked reserves, drilling un-drillable, and predicting un-predictables, Saving millions of dollars for your assets

TEVERRA Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services in subsurface engineering and geosciences subjects for geothermal, carbon storage, and oil and gas projects. We work closely with our clients’ teams to ensure that the scope of work is fully understood, and our results are properly communicated to them. Our policy is to openly discuss caveats involved in our study and uncertainties in the results with our clients. Our experienced and creative team is ready to provide innovative solutions to any challenging problems concerning:

  • We start our consulting projects with a free training course

  • We work closely with our clients to ensure knowledge exchange

  • Our goal is full satisfaction of our clients

  • Quality is what we aim at

  • We enjoy challenging and nerve-racking projects

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Geothermal Energy:

We care for clean energy as we do for fossil energy

To maximize the sustainability of Geothermal Reservoirs, both Low Temperature and Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), and ensure safe and cost-effective subsurface operations such as drilling, completion, stimulation and injection, knowledge of subsurface state of stress, rock properties, natural fractures, temperature and heat flow is essential. We strive to make the most reliable estimations of these parameters using advanced analytical and numerical models in combination with signal processing and machine learning techniques. TEVERRA is partnered with the University of Utah to leverage its experimental research capabilities and gain access to the Utah FORGE underground field laboratory in Milford for testing developments in EGS technologies.


Carbon Storage:

Environment safety is our red line

Long-term CO2 Storage in geologic formations is a response to growing concerns about climate change resulting from increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. The key to the effective injection of CO2 into the subsurface formations, including depleted oil and gas reservoirs for EOR, is a detailed characterization of the formation properties, in-situ stresses, natural fractures network, seal capacity of cap rock and formation pressure. This is our expertise at TEVERRA. Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting (MVA) to confirm permanent storage of CO2 in geological formations is a significant cost component of any carbon storage campaign and necessary to its success. TEVERRA is researching automated and low-cost MVA solutions to progress carbon storage towards commercialization by providing a reliable and real-time control option over the reservoir as well as reducing the associated costs.

Unconventional Resources:

We believe production from unconventional resources requires unconventional thinking

The remarkable growth of Unconventional Resources in North America has already changed the global energy landscape. Outside of North America, significant volumes of unconventional resources provide an impressive boost in the energy supply of any country that is ready to meet the significant challenges to develop them. At TEVERRA, we pay special attention to the optimized development of unconventional resources. We are proud of its efficient contribution to the development of the shale gas and tight gas resources in the UK and Pakistan. After completing an extensive experimental study on the Vaca Muerta shale, TEVERRA has gained adequate knowledge to help operators in Argentina to develop their shale assets more efficiently and economically.


Conventional Oil and Gas:

Easy projects are for experts, we are geeks

Drilling and production from Deep-water and HPHT fields are the most challenging operations in the conventional oil and gas industry. Due to significantly higher pressure and temperature and narrow mud weight window, safe drilling, completion and production from these resources require advanced knowledge of subsurface and cutting-edge technologies. TEVERRA personnel have extensive experience in modeling and design for deep-water and HPHT operations in Golf of Mexico, North Sea, Off-shore Africa, Pakistan and Caspian Sea.



TEVERRA Consulting offers a wide range of services in subsurface engineering, artificial intelligence and green energy solutions for the oil and gas industry, geothermal energy and carbon storage. Our objective is to provide innovative solutions for transparent and optimized subsurface operations to make energy extraction as clean, safe and low-cost as possible. 


  • Subsurface Characterization

  • Geomechanical Modeling

  • Pore Pressure Prediction

  • Wellbore Stability and Drilling Optimization

  • Sand Production Prediction and Management

  • Hydraulic and Acid Fracturing Modeling and Design

  • Well, Casing and Completions Design

  • Rock Mechanics Testing Design, Analysis and Interpretation

  • Frac Fluid Selection and Sourcing

  • Subsurface Monitoring and Visualization


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Subsurface Monitoring

  • Data Compression and Processing

  • Signal Processing

  • Data Management

  • Edge Computing

  • Software Development

Geoengineering Group

We aim at no subsurface risks

TEVERRA is specialized in Geomechanics with applications in exploration, drilling, reservoir, completions, and production engineering. Our world-class, experienced team provides 1 to 4-D geomechanical modeling, pore pressure prediction, in-situ stress estimation, rock property 

evaluation, rock mechanics testing program, wellbore stability analysis, sand production prediction, naturally fractured reservoir characterization, production optimization, hydraulic/acid fracturing modeling and design, gas/fluid injection, well and completion design, casing design, drilling optimization, and well intervention. We also design, execute, supervise and quality control rock mechanics testing programs to make sure that the maximum value is obtained from your expensive core samples.

Our subsurface geoengineering services are provided to all subsurface activities including geothermal, carbon storage and oil and gas operations. We believe that geomechanics is a powerful tool, if used properly, to maximize production, minimize risk and reduce time and cost. We do geomechanics properly and we are proud of saving millions of dollars and hundreds of operating days for our clients.


Digital Innovation Group

Adapting powerful tools from other disciplines is our power.

At TEVERRA , we use powerful tools from other industries to leverage our subsurface capabilities. We have developed advanced workflows and methodologies to maximize the extraction of reliable information from large data sets and, consequently, optimize drilling, completion, stimulation, and production operations. Our methodologies integrate signal processing, machine learning, and data fusion algorithms to create advanced and powerful tools for data processing and analytics. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients using these innovative and data-driven approaches. This success results from integrating data scientists and domain experts to identify challenges, and provide effective solutions and maximum value to our clients using their own data.

TEVERRA Digital Innovation Group has developed multiple technologies and methodologies related to subsurface operations including:

  • Naturally Fractured Zone Identification

  • Borehole Enlargement Zone Identification

  • Rock Properties Estimation from Basic Logs

  • Completion Design Optimization

  • Type Curve Clustering

  • Drilling Parameters and Bit Selection Optimization

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Optimization

  • Screen-out prediction

  • Production forecasting

  • Synthetic log creation

  • Anomaly detection

  • Bit failure prediction

  • Liquid loading prediction and real time application

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