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Innovation is our Passion

At TEVERRA, innovation is our passion. Our research and development team consist of experienced experts and young talented professionals. We allocate 50% of our resources to research and development in order to continue introducing novel and unique products and services to the market. PETROLERN’s ongoing research projects include:

  • Conversion of Oil and Gas Wells to Geothermal Energy Resources

  • Monitoring Dynamic Evolution of Natural Fractures in Enhance Geothermal Systems

  • Real-time Data Collection, Compression and Transmission

  • Innovative Subsurface Visualization

  • Next generation Geomechanics

  • Drilling Dynamics Geomechanics

  • Real-time Subsurface Monitoring

  • Frac Hit Control and Mitigation

  • Frac Screen-out Prediction

  • Downhole Direct In-situ Stress Measurement Tool

  • Lost Circulation Prediction and Mitigation

Legal Research and Writing

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Research Awards

PETROLERN has been awarded prestigious research grants to tackle challenges in subsurface engineering:

  • DOE SBIR: Automated CO2 Monitoring Data Collection and Transmission System

  • DOE SBIR: Frac Tip Screen-out Prediction and Prevention

  • DOE SBIR: In-situ Stress Estimation from Drilling Dynamics Data

  • DOE SBIR: Dynamic Fracture Evolution Monitoring in Enhanced Geothermal Systems

  • Shell GameChanger: Machine Learning Real Time Operations Center (ML-RTOC)

  • Saudi Aramco: Real-time Wellbore Stability Modeling using Drilling Data

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