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Focusing on lowering the carbon impact for traditional hydrocarbons: Unlocking locked reserves: Drilling un-drillables, and predicting un-predictables, Saving millions of dollars for your assets

Drilling and production from Deepwater and HPHT fields are the most challenging operations in the conventional oil and gas industry. Due to significantly higher pressure and temperature and narrow mud weight window, safe drilling, completion, and production from these resources require advanced knowledge of subsurface and cutting-edge technologies. TEVERRA’s personnel have extensive experience in modeling and designing deepwater and HPHT operations in Golf of Mexico, North Sea, Off-shore Africa, Pakistan, and Caspian Sea.

We believe production from unconventional resources requires unconventional thinking

At TEVERRA, we pay special attention to the optimized development of Unconventional Resources. We are proud of its efficient contribution to the development of shale gas and tight gas resources in the UK and Pakistan. After completing an extensive experimental study on the Vaca Muerta shale, TEVERRA has gained adequate knowledge to help operators in Argentina develop their shale assets more efficiently and economically.

  • UK Bowland Shale Gas project

  • Tight gas project in Pakistan

  • Our Frac tip screen-out prediction product

Geothermal Energy Solutions and Department of Energy
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