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Geothermal feasibility study for the States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia: Defining geothermal exploration targets in a nontraditional setting

TEVERRA completed a comprehensive literature review and data review to highlight potential geothermal target regions within the southeastern United States for Southern Company. The primary goal of this work was to determine first order geothermal potential based on the existing geologic information. This work successfully defined the different types of geothermal resources that could be expected for the study region with respective depth ranges. Specific future exploration regions were highlighted from this play fairway analysis, which has led to an AOI specific study.


Geothermal resource assessment in the State of Wyoming: Helping kick-off geothermal development in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming wanted to provide value to their taxpayers by better understanding the geothermal opportunity within the state and asked TEVERRA to complete this analysis.

TEVERRA completed a comprehensive literature review, data review, and market analysis on the geothermal opportunities in Wyoming for the Wyoming Energy Authority. The primary goal of this work was to assess the degree of understanding and feasibility for geothermal opportunities characterized by commercial geothermal utilization technologies and their effectiveness in the state of Wyoming.  The state is using the insight gathered from this study to determine next steps for geothermal development.

Geothermal study for Ecopetrol

Ecopetrol wanted to better understand their geothermal resource and the best technology to use to produce this resource and utilized TEVERRA’s consulting services to provide answers and solutions.


TEVERRA performed a geothermal resource assessment for Ecopetrol. The primary goal of this work was to characterize the subsurface thermal regime, quantify the thermal energy in place in the subsurface, and assess the geologic and economic risk to producing this energy using existing power system technology. The findings from this study were used to determine if Ecopetrol should progress with becoming a player in geothermal development and defined the best technology to use for their resource.

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