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TEVERRA (Formerly Petrolern) is participating in the upcoming Geothermal Rising Conference

TEVERRA (Formerly Petrolern) is participating in the upcoming Geothermal Rising Conference, which will take place from September 30th to October 4th in Reno, Nevada. The conference serves as an excellent platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to gather and discuss the latest advancements and opportunities in the field of geothermal energy.

TEVERRA will have a strong presence with 5 people attending and presenting:

September 30th (whole day event) - Geothermal 2.0 Workshop by Kerry Fellers and Dr. Joseph Batir in collaboration with Expro.

October 2nd at 4 pm - Geothermal Resource Evaluation and Applicable Technology for Wyoming by Emilie Gentry (thanks to Wyoming Energy Authority for permission to publish)

October 3rd at 6:10 pm - Geomechanics Considerations for Superhot Rock and Millimeter Wave Drilling by Dr. Jerjes Porlles (thanks to Quaise Energy for permission to publish and co-authoring)

October 4th at 3:10 pm - Synthetic Geothermal Reservoirs (SGR): Optimized Drilling Patterns for Cost-Effective Efficient Energy by Dr. Joseph Batir

And our Founder and CEO, Dr. Hamed Soroush will be there to meet with those who are interested in learning more about TEVERRA’s vision and activities around geothermal.

Approach TEVERRA Team to learn more about our geothermal energy exploration and development technologies and potential to revolutionize the energy landscape. For more information about TEVERRA and its exciting journey in the geothermal energy sector, contact us at

Additionally, TEVERRA is preparing for an exciting announcement. Stay tuned for a press release right before the event!

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