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Marrying Geomechanics and Geophysics to Enhance Geothermal Energy

Teverra LLC, and its subcontractor FACT Inc., announced its selection by the US Department of Energy, Geothermal Technology Office for a research grant. The research project involves developing an innovative and low-cost technology for monitoring and characterizing temporal fractures evolution in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) using a novel Geomechanically Constrained Time-lapsed Windowed Microseismic Imaging method. This new technology significantly reduces the cost of monitoring the subsurface by using readily available microseismic data only. It provides valuable information to optimize stimulation schemes for maximum heat production in high-temperature geothermal systems. The technology could also add significant value to oil and gas and carbon storage subsurface monitoring and decision making.

Teverra has been working on technologies for both high and low-temperature geothermal energy production. MIT estimates that only 2 percent of the geothermal energy available in the US would be sufficient to power the country 2,000 times over. The proposal helps to achieve that target both in the US and in analogue cases globally.

Teverra LLC is dedicated to developing efficient and low-cost solutions for clean and sustainable energy production. You may contact for further information.

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