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Teverra Conducted Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia

The results of a “Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia” showcased very promising potentials for medium-low temperature geothermal and hydrothermal resources. This play screening of low to medium enthalpy (from 50°C up to 150°C , ~122°F to ~ 300° F) in the States of Mississippi is a pre-feasibility study aiming to map out the potential geothermal reservoirs in these states on a high level. The objective of this high-level assessment was to show, in a consistent way, the regional trends and identify the highest potential geothermal areas for any prospective detailed studies. This play screening study revealed the most prosperous areas for geothermal potential within the three states and the next phase in a play evaluation is to create new and more detailed CRS maps by deciding which areas or segments to focus on. The next step is to look at the hot spots in more detail. Thanks to WellPerform for helping us with the analysis, Southern Company for sponsoring the project and our team at Teverra LLC for the hard work to initiate, secure and take the initiative forward.

Lets make geothermal our first cleanenergy choice!

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