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TEVERRA LLC Showcases Innovative Solutions at Offshore Technology Conference 2024Houston, TX - May 2024

TEVERRA LLC is proud to announce our successful participation in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2024, held in Houston, Texas. This prestigious event provided an excellent platform for us to present our latest advancements in subsurface engineering and green energy solutions.

During the conference, we engaged with industry leaders, exchanged knowledge, and demonstrated our innovative technologies aimed at optimizing and making energy extraction processes cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective. Our presentations and booth attracted significant attention and sparked meaningful discussions with potential partners and clients.

Highlighted Technologies

Drilling Dynamics Geomechanics (DDG™)-uses data from the drill bit to provide high-resolution geomechanical modeling and wellbore stability analysis, ensuring safer and more efficient drilling operations without relying heavily on well logs.

ConvertDeck™ -rapidly analyzes the economic potential of converting hydrocarbon wells to geothermal use, incorporating over 100 unique parameters for comprehensive and accurate assessments.

GeoDeck™ -is a web-based tool for visualizing geologic subsurface data, making the process efficient and user-friendly by allowing users to generate essential graphs with a single click.

FluidTrack™ -monitors fluid movements in subsurface reservoirs in near real-time, using advanced algorithms to optimize geothermal production and improve operational efficiency.

ResStor™ -technology uses the subsurface to store heat from solar collectors or wind turbines, providing a sustainable solution for on-demand electrical power generation.

Our participation in OTC 2024 was a resounding success, reinforcing TEVERRA LLC’s position as a leader in subsurface engineering and green energy solutions. We are excited about the future and remain committed to driving innovation and excellence in the energy sector. We look forward to continuing our work with industry partners to create a cleaner, safer, and more efficient energy landscape.

For more information about our technologies and services, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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