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Teverra’s Strategic Partnership with Idaho National Lab

Teverra LLC is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Idaho National Laboratory to develop new technologies for two important use cases: (1) real-time hydraulic fracturing risk identification and mitigation; and (2) subsurface thermal energy storage. Teverra’s CEO, Dr. Hamed Soroush, says,” It is a great opportunity to build upon technologies we are developing for the oil and gas space, and for CCS, and begin to test and apply them with INL in the geothermal space as well. It is a big privilege for us to be partnered with INL and have access to their wealth of knowledge and experience.” Teverra provides global consulting and project support, training, and R&D subsurface engineering. We are always interested in new clients, partners, and potential investors.

Interested parties can contact our Executive Business and Technology Advisor, Dr. Alan J Cohen, at

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