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Teverra Takes Center Stage at DOE Small Business Innovation Research Review Meeting with VibrationGR

Teverra's Digital Innovation Scientist, Jinane Harmouche, presented an update for Teverra's Vibration GR project at the Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Innovation Research Review Meeting in Washington DC on November 28th and 29th. Jinane showcased Teverra's Vibration GR technology to the DOE's the National Nuclear Security Administration team, making significant strides towards advancing Teverra’s mission to minimize or eliminate application of logging tools using the hazardous radioactive isotope sources. At the heart of Teverra's latest breakthrough is a groundbreaking technology centered on drilling dynamics data. With the potential to revolutionize the industry, this innovation aims to replace conventional radioactive source logging tools widely used in the oil and gas and mining sectors—moving to reduce the risk inherent in these operations. Distinguishing itself in the field, Teverra's technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to extract target information from drill-bit vibration data, continuing to reduce the need for traditional radioisotope-based tools. This not only signifies a technological leap, but also underscores Teverra's dedication to safer, more sustainable energy production.

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