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geothermal energy

Creating Subsurface Insight through Innovation

  • Creating subsurface solutions for renewable low carbon energy 

  • Awarded several prestigious grants from industry and the US government

  • Globally led multi-million-dollar, multi-stakeholder projects 

  • Offering cutting edge technologies and subsurface advisory services to manage risk and maximize the useful life and financial returns from your asset

TEVERRA is all about the optimum and safe use of the Earth as a clean and reliable energy generation and storage source. We serve the energy industry by providing innovative subsurface solutions, developing cutting-edge technologies, providing consulting services, and executing global projects to secure a sustainable low-carbon energy mix.

Our team is composed of world-class technical experts working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal, energy storage, and greener oil and gas projects. We work with our clients to increase their profitability while minimizing their environmental footprint.  We work vigorously and innovatively to create customer value driven solutions  at TEVERRA.  

Our clean energy initiative begins with making the oil and gas industry greener by providing energy transition solutions such as carbon sequestration solutions and converting late-stage oil and gas wells to renewable geothermal resources. We are actively involved in exploring and producing geothermal energy from both low-temperature sedimentary formations and hot dry rocks. We are also working hard to develop technologies to secure high-efficiency ultra-long-term subsurface energy storage, one of the most critical challenges of the energy industry.

geothermal energy


TEVERRA’s mission is to apply learnings from oil and gas to accelerate the clean energy evolution. Our innovative solutions aim at providing high-value solutions to make energy extraction as clean, safe, and efficient as possible.


TEVERRA’s vision is to turn the clean energy dream into reality. We envision this by identifying technology gaps in the energy sector and developing enabling solutions to empower our customers.


Targeted resource characterization and planning

Developing technology to de-risk subsurface development projects

Original collaborative research to solve the energy industry's greatest challenges

geothermal energy


geothermal energy

Solutions to unlock the Earth’s Endless Heat:

• Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis and Resource Assessments • Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) Engineering • Hydro-Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Geothermal Reservoirs • Oil and Gas Wells Conversion to Geothermal (ConvertDeck) • Natural Fractures Evolution Monitoring in EGS (MMARCT)

Understanding Mechanics of the Earth

• 1D to 4D Geomechanical Modeling • Geomechanics without Logs (Drilling Dynamics Geomechanics, DDG) • Post-drilling modeling for improved asset development • Real-time modeling while drilling • Direct In-situ Stress Measurement (DFISS) • Pore Pressure Prediction and Cap Rock Integrity • Wellbore Stability and Casing Design • Reservoir Performance Prediction and Fault Reactivation Analysis • Optimization for Safe Hydraulic Fracturing and Preventing Casing Deformation • Microseismic Analysis, Prediction, and Mitigation • Rock Mechanics Testing Design and Supervision

Toward a Low-carbon Future

• CO2 Sequestration Site Selection and Reservoirs Evaluations  • Real-time CO2 Plume Monitoring, and Visualization • Subsurface Big Data Compression (CompressDeck) and Transmission • Real-time Data Processing and Subsurface Monitoring (CarbonWatch) • New Generation Subsurface Visualization Software (GeoDeck) • Replacing Technology for Radioactive Isotope Source Logging Tools

Subsurface as an Ultra Long-term Battery

  • Subsurface Thermal Energy Storage (Synthetic Geothermal Reservoir, SGR)


Digital Innovations

• Signal Processing • Physics-informed Machine Learning • Artificial Intelligence

geothermal energy
geothermal energy
geothermal energy
carbon storage
oil and gas
digitall inovation
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Our team is composed of world-class technical experts working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal. energy storage. and greener oil and gas projects.

geothermal energy
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